8 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat!

It has been HOT out!! Ever since we have moved to Denver, we noticed how much we miss the Boulder afternoon rain showers. It’s a concrete jungle out here and my dog Sully is hot. We have introduced a few options to keep him cool this summer – check them out!

1. Grooming – Get that extra hair off your dog’s body especially if they have long, dark colored coats. Some folks even go as far as getting their longer haired dogs a shave or “puppy cut” in the summer.

2. Sprinkler – Hook up the hose to the gold ole’ sprinkler and have a water party on your front lawn.

3. Kiddie Pool – If your dog is scared of the sprinkler then introduce a kiddie pool with some floating toys.

4. Ice cube treats – Pour some homemade bone broth (great for healing the gut lining) into an ice cube tray. You can also sprinkle a few treats into the tray. Pop it in the freezer and serve chilled as a snack.

5. Frozen Toys – Stuff a Kong with your dog’s dinner and smear it with a bit of peanut butter on the top. Place it inside a pot. Fill up the pot with water and then stick it inside the freezer. Serve it to your dog outside on the grass and watch him lick to his heart’s content!

6. Offer more water – Make sure to provide your dog with more water in his bowl throughout these hot months. Note that when you offer more water, they made need to use the bathroom more frequently.

7. Trails with water access – Recently Sully and I went on a hike and I forgot to check the natural water access. Luckily I packed a lot of water for us to drink; otherwise, we would have been super hot since Sully likes to take a quick dip into streams and rivers to cool off his black coat.

8. Cooling pads and shirts – I have a few clients that use cooling pads and shirts throughout the summer months and they love them! The pad provides a cool place to settle and the shirt provides a cooling sensation when active outdoors.