Our relationship with our canine companions can be a window into how we relate to the world around us.
It's up to us to pay attention.



Training You


Training the Dog


Enhancing the Relationship


Enhancing Yourself

Supporting your Dog

I have spent more than a decade carefully studying the relationship between a dog’s behavior and his/her environment. Working together, we will identify behavioral issues exhibited by your dog, establish environmental root causes and use a holistic approach to educate and train both you and your dog in order to reach the desired goals.

How I can Help You: 

  • Relief and management strategies
  • Emotional support & coaching techniques 
  • Compassionate and empathetic listening skills
  • Engaged teaching style
  • Accountability
  • A reduction in miscommunication between you and your dog
  • A better understanding of what your dog needs 
  • Personalized training plans for your success & your dog's behavioral needs
  • Scientific, evidence-based training techniques
  • Fun training exercises to motivate you & your dog

My innovative approach is called Human-Canine Behavior Connection (HCBC). The pet parent and dog work together, learning from one another and transforming at the same time! 

Step 1: Training You
  • Understanding your dog's behavior and their relationship to the world
  • Understanding what your dog is communicating
Step 2: Training the Dog
  • Implementing management strategies to support your dog’s behavior
  • Introducing training & behavior modification techniques
Step 3: Enhancing the Relationship
  • Understanding your response to your dog's behavior 
  • Introducing relationship-building principles to enhance your training and connection

Supporting Yourself

During my career, I have been witness to many people learning about themselves and expanding as individuals through the training and behavior modification process and the relationship with their dog. It’s uncommon for people to think of dog training as an opportunity for personal development; however, the relationship with your dog is the perfect, safe space to start navigating who you are in all relationships.

During our sessions, we’ll focus on the relationship building principles between you and your dog and how important they are to the overall training process, AND my hope is that you will utilize this process as a framework to navigate who you are in all relationships.

Phase 4: Enhancing Yourself
  • Learning who you are in all relationships
  • Using the training & behavior modification process and relationship building principles to grow as a person