Setting your Training Sessions up for Success

1. Management is your best friend. Management can be a long term solution to a behavior problem or a short term solution while you are training a new behavior response in that context. For example, you can manage your dog’s barking by leaving the blinds closed. You could do that forever OR you can do that for now while you … Read More

5 Tools to Create Successful On Leash Greetings

There is unspoken pressure for all dogs to get along in many different environments such as on leash greeting, dog parks, daycares, breweries….the list goes on! Not all people get along so I am not sure why we would expect that of our dogs?! Many dog owners want their dog to meet other dogs while walking on leash. There are … Read More

Dog Training Rewards: A Guide Beyond Treats

What is a reward? Google told me a reward is defined as a thing given in recognition of one’s service, effort or achievement. One of the most important concepts about rewards is to remember that their value is defined by the person receiving them, not the person giving them. For example, if I went to work and instead of a … Read More

Relaxation on the Mat!

One of my favorite tools when working with a new client is to teach their dog how torelax on a mat. There are so many benefits to this behavior: It teaches your dog how to settle. It provides an environmental cue (the mat) indicating to your dog how you’d like them to show up or be in that moment. The … Read More

Mine! How to Overcome Resource Guarding

“This is my ball.”  “I am pretty sure I saw it first.” “Actually, when you were playing with Charley, I had my eye on it.” “Oh yeah, well it’s mine now!” “Over my dead body!!” If dogs could talk, this would be close to a resource guarding conversation. Resource guarding is when a dog acts in a confrontational manner towards … Read More

Sweet & Sour – How to Treat Puppy Mouthing

Mouthing and chewing are very normal dog behaviors; however, they can be destructive, painful and dangerous if not addressed right away. When puppies are very young, they learn bite inhibition from their littermates. If puppy A applies too much mouth pressure to puppy B, puppy B will correct puppy A indicating his discomfort. Play may temporarily end and if that … Read More

The Advanced Guide to Come for Off Leash Dog Training!

If you are checking out this post, hopefully your dog understands what your recall word means for off leash dog training.  If not, please check out this Beginner Guide to Come!   If so, let’s begin!! Dogs do not have the capability of generalizing one behavior to multiple contexts.  For example, just because your dog knows how to come when called … Read More

Training my dog what NOT to do!

When Sully, my family and I moved to Denver, I was concerned about our living situation.  We were moving into a small, boutique pet friendly apartment building.  This meant we would be running into other dogs in hallways, stairwells and elevators.  Sully and I had not lived in this type of housing before; therefore, I did not have to worry … Read More

Chill Out! Tools to Help your Nervous Dog

Over the years of working with clients I have found a few great tools that I heavily rely on.  Below are a list of items that I turn to when dealing with fearful, anxious or even aggressive behavior concerns for nervous dogs. Some of the more holistic, natural tools work for some dogs and might not work for others. Trying a variety of … Read More

Attention Seeking Behaviors and How to Stop Them

How is it that our dogs know THE EXACT moment when we need to focus on other tasks that do not include them, such as a work conference call, the latest episode of Homeland or chatting on the phone with our best friend??? EASY….You trigger them. The dog has learned a sequence: When mom picks up the phone, I lose attention. When … Read More