Enrichment & Mental Stimulation Toys

Enrichment and mental stimulation are the most important outlets you can provide your dog at any age! It can help reduce many unwanted behaviors in our young puppies and adolescent dogs as well as keep our senior dogs sharp, exercising their cognitive abilities! Enrichment can help prevent these behaviors: Puppy Mouthing Attention Seeking Behaviors Boredom Destruction Anxiety and fear Barking, digging in the … Read More

Mental Stimulation Games for your Dog!

paws andreward

Incorporating Life Rewards into your dog’s daily routine.   Tapping into your dog’s innate desire to hunt for his food. Toss out your food bowl and watch this video to learn more! Tapping into your dog’s prey drive and giving them an appropriate outlet.  This video will teach you how to make a very inexpensive toy in order to tire out … Read More

8 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat!

It has been HOT out!! Ever since we have moved to Denver, we noticed how much we miss the Boulder afternoon rain showers. It’s a concrete jungle out here and my dog Sully is hot. We have introduced a few options to keep him cool this summer – check them out! 1. Grooming – Get that extra hair off your dog’s body … Read More