The 5 Love Languages: How to Tell Your Dog “I Love You!”

Dr. Gary Chapman is a relationship expert and marriage counselor with over 35 years of experience, and his framework also helps learn how best to love our dogs. He has written several well known books, my favorite being The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts. In this book he talks about 5 different love languages that can be … Read More

Somatically Learning from My Best Friend

A few months ago I decided to try a somatic therapist.  I had been going to regular “talk” therapy for many years and wanted to try something new.  A somatic therapist is one that encourages communication between the mind and the body.  Just as the mind holds wonderful messaging for us, so does the body.   During my first session … Read More

Healing Through my Relationship with Sully

We packed our bags, Christmas presents and road snacks into the car and made our way northwest to Idaho for Christmas.  Scott’s parents retired in Idaho and his whole family decided to meet there for the holidays.  Since we were driving, I decided to bring Sully along for the adventure.   As we were planning for the trip, I decided … Read More

A Lesson in Loving What’s in Front of You

A few weeks ago I received a call from a guardian that needed assistance right away.  She and her family had recently adopted a young female dog named, Nola.  Unfortunately, Nola and the resident dog, Jim, were not getting along.  Nola was a larger dog with buckets of energy, constantly asking Jim to play.  Despite his communication efforts indicating he … Read More