Virtual Coaching


I have spent more than a decade carefully studying the relationship between a dog’s behavior and his/her environment. Working together, we will discuss your dog's behavioral concerns, establish environmental root causes and use a holistic approach to educate and train both you and your dog in order to reach the desired goals. 

Paws and Reward is for you if you want to:
  • Learn more about your canine companion
  • Work WITH your dog
  • Enhance your existing bond and connection
  • Grow as a person during the process
How I Can Help:
  • Relief and management strategies
  • Emotional support & coaching techniques 
  • Compassionate and empathetic listening skills
  • Engaged teaching style
  • Accountability
  • A reduction in miscommunication between you and your dog
  • A better understanding of what your dog needs 
  • Personalized training plans for your success & your dog's behavioral needs
  • Scientific, evidence-based, force-free training techniques 
  • Fun training exercises to motivate you & your dog

Virtual Coaching Topics: 
  • Puppies
  • House Training
  • Life skills and impulse control behaviors
  • Helping a newly adopted dog adjust into the home
  • Leash reactivity: barking and lunging while on leash
  • Fear
  • Resource guarding

Deepening your relationship with your dog will ultimately deepen your relationship with yourself & everything around you!

Initial Consultation and Assessment (1 hour): 
  • Conduct a thorough assessment of dog’s history and behavior.
  • Determine training and relationship goals you’d like to achieve with your dog. 
  • Discuss the process, what to expect and determine the number of training sessions it would take to reach your desired goals. 
  • Establish management techniques for immediate relief.
  • Introduce one new life skill to start the training process.
  • Written summary of initial consultation, resources and custom training plan sent via email.  
  • All sessions conducted online via Zoom (camera needed).
  • Investment: $80.00
Follow up Coaching sessions:
  • 60 minutes: $80.00
  • 45 minutes: $65.00
  • 30 minutes: $45.00
  • Access to me via email for questions.
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