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Hi, I'm Marissa Martino! I am passionate about positive dog training and prioritizing the human-canine relationship for successful behavior change.


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The dog training podcast where we stop and reflect on behavior change, positive dog training, the human-canine bond, and the relationships with our loved ones! 

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Dog enrichment activities can meet your dog’s needs, tire them out mentally and physically, and enhance the bond between you and your dog!

My Six Connection Principles

Expand Your Relationship.

My Six Connection Principles are so important to the dog training and behavior modification process. I use these principles as a framework when developing relationships with both you AND your dog. They are my core values when working with my clients. They can help you discover how to connect with your dog on a deeper level.

The Six Connection Principles invite everyone to explore the world through a fresh lens. As we work together, I will reference and demonstrate the principles to support the training process and your relationship with your dog. 


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Paws & Reward Podcast

Ready to learn how to connect with your dog on a deeper level? Listen to the podcast for expert tips on positive dog training, the human-dog connection, and how to be a better dog owner.

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Dogs make us better humans.

With over a decade of experience in animal sheltering, operating my private dog training practice, and building my relationship with my dog, Sully, I have learned one glaring lesson: 

Our relationship with our canine companions is a window into how we relate to the world around us. The human-canine bond gives us insight into what holds us back and shows us where we can expand & connect in our own lives and in ALL relationships. 

My approach to positive dog training is evidence-based and rooted in applied behavioral science. I incorporate my Six Connection Principles when working with my clients. The process involves you and your dog working together, learning from one another, and transforming simultaneously.

My hope is that you find awareness and connection through the dog training resources on this site! 

~ Marissa Martino, CDBC, CTC
   Founder // Paws & Reward