The Connection Summit


A MOVEMENT dedicated to prioritizing the human-canine relationship for successful behavior change

We know your relationship with your dog is important and it can be strained when behavior concerns present themselves. You’re not alone if you’ve ever felt frustrated, embarrassed, isolated, or worried that the issues with your beloved dog might not resolve. These thoughts and feelings cause many people to place pressure on themselves to "fix” their best friend or punish the behavior. This process can place additional strain on the human-canine bond, and we want to offer another point of view.

Shifting from......

  • "Fixing the dog" TO getting curious about why the behavior is taking place.
  • Blaming ourselves for our dog's behavior TO noticing how the environment also plays a role.
  • Getting embarrassed and going down a shame spiral when our dog makes a "bad" choice TO extending grace and kindness to both you and your dog.
  • Framing the challenges with our dogs as a burden TO framing them as an opportunity for awareness, relationship development, and personal growth.

When we practice observing and shifting our thoughts & behavior patterns, our relationship has the possibility of including more connection.     

Who We Are


Sarah Stremming


Marissa Martino, CDBC, CTC

Our Offerings

Check out Marissa and Sarah's 3-part webinar series. They share how our behavior and emotional state can have a positive or negative impact on our dog’s behavior and relationship, and what to do about it. 

Check out the awesome Connection Summit merch with great reminders to drop in and be present with your dog, yourself, and loved ones. 

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