Episode 75: Embracing your Dog as your Mirror with Annika McDade

Marissa MartinoPaws & Reward Podcast

In episode 75, Marissa Martino interviews Annika McDade to discuss the healing power of our canine relationships. Both Annika and Marissa have a passion for encouraging pet parents to see their relationship with their dogs as an opportunity for personal development. They get vulnerable during this episode and share how their dogs have presented growth opportunities in not-so-ideal ways. They present innovative thoughts about incorporating this work into the training process and encourage listeners to think beyond dog training. 

Annika McDade is the Founder of Canine Connection Training, a well-recognized, Vancouver-based dog training company. She is a triple-certified Behavior Consultant and Human Coach with a passion for facilitating a conscious connection between dogs and their people. Her greatest desire is to dive deeper into supporting the human end of the leash. Annika combines a unique balance of science-based knowledge, self-development, and spiritual curiosity when working with clients. 

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