The Human-Canine Behavior Connection

human-canine behavior connection
A Better Self Through Dog Training

An interactive book that guides you and your dog through the 10 principles of behavior modification.


The Human-Canine Behavior Connection (HCBC) is a dog training and behavior modification approach I designed through my years of experience working with owner's and their dogs. The book is designed to help you and your canine companion expand as individuals and grow together as a team.

The Book Offers:

The 10 steps of behavior modification for you & your dog​​
The parallels between how you and your dog perceive the world
Training techniques to modify your dog's behavior
Steps for you to implement in order to promote a deeper connection between you & your dog
Exercises to foster a deeper connection between you & your world

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What a delightful and insightful book. I have had my Hannah for almost 6 years and now understand why she does what she does and how I am contributing to her behavior. I am sharing this book with everyone I know who has a dog. Marissa has an enjoyable and witty writing style.


I absolutely love this book. It gave me so many insights into what I do without even noticing--both with myself and with my dog. Thank you, Ms. Martino, for a fresh perspective and for actual, practical, and applicable tools (lots of them). Five stars for sure!


I loved this book! Marissa Martino shared very valuable information regarding canine behavior. She also stressed the value of the human-canine relationship while addressing various training issues and experiences with our dogs. She described detailed training scenarios for her readers which really helped me to grasp the various methods and ideas that she presented.