Ep 31: What is a LIMA Being?

Marissa MartinoPaws & Reward Podcast

In Episode 31 of the podcast, I am thrilled to be joined by my fellow colleagues and co-founders of LIMA Beings, Dr. Chris Pachel, Lynn Ungar, Barrie Finger, and Kathy Sdao. We discuss the drive behind our triggers and what hooks us. As we try to discover the things that make us reactive, we can learn to let things go. We react to situations in certain ways and because of those reactions we can become stuck. We can learn to accept that if/when we make mistakes, we can always stop, go back, and make edits.

What is a LIMA Being? 

A LIMA Being is a member of our community of learners who seeks to apply the power of environmental changes to shape behavior in ways that are both compassionate and effective.

If you want to learn more about LIMA beings you can visit our site at limabeings.com. There you can access the ABCS, the membership community, and our individual contact information.


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