Episode 68: Joyful Recalls with Jenni Pfafman

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In episode 68, Marissa Martino interviews Jenni Pfafman, a certified behavior consultant, on how she teaches her clients to have a joyful, rock-solid recall. Jenni lives in Crested Butte, Colorado, where almost every pet parent is active on trails and wants off-leash reliability and a whiplash recall. This episode covers the many concepts Jenni teaches her clients so they view the world through their dog’s perspective to set everyone up for training success. They also dive into the many exercises Jenni teaches her clients to get that fast, joyful recall we’re all looking for! 

Some games Jenni mentioned:

teaching a dog to come when called
teaching a dog to come when called

Jenni lives in Crested Butte, Colorado with her husband Tim, their border collie, Kyote (pronounced like Coyote) – also known as Ky, and their two young cats, Truffle and Marmalade. Jenni became passionate about learning the most humane methods for helping dogs with behavior problems after failing to find trustworthy help with Ky when she was a puppy.

Since beginning that journey about 6 years ago, Jenni has completed a BA in psychology as well as several training and behavior-related certifications. For this conversation, Jenni wanted to highlight that she is a Certified Control Unleashed Instructor. In addition to operating her training and behavior consulting business, Elevated Dog Training, LLC, and co-founding and operating a non-profit organization, the Humane Alliance of Rescue Trainers, Jenni is a student in the Virginia Tech Applied Animal Behavior and Welfare graduate program. Follow Jenni on Facebook and Instagram.

Important Links:

  • Most of the games Jenni mentioned can be found by getting Leslie McDevitt’s Control Unleashed books (see infographics above).
  • Chirag Patel’s Counting Game

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