Episode 70: The Highly Sensitive Pet Parent with Brooke Nielsen

Marissa MartinoPaws & Reward Podcast

In episode 70, Marissa Martino connects with Brooke Nielson, a licensed therapist, writer, speaker, and teacher on the topic of Highly Sensitive People, and in this case, Highly Sensitive Pet Parents. Brooke explains what the Highly Sensitive Person is, the research behind the term, and the characteristics that people may embody if they identify this way. They also discuss how this may impact your relationship with your dogs (and others) in both positive and challenging ways. Brooke’s goal is to help people embrace these qualities and utilize this knowledge to understand themselves and their needs. 

Brooke Nielsen is a licensed therapist, writer, speaker, and teacher who lives near the mountains of Boulder, Colorado. She’s the founder of The Therapeutic Center for Highly Sensitive People as well as Intuitive Warrior, a company created by HSPs for HSPs offering heart-centered coaching.  With advanced training in trauma therapy, relationships, and sensitivity, Brooke has spent almost 2 decades helping thousands of finely-tuned people find freedom from anxiety and build trust in their sensitive selves.     

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