Episode 52: Cooperative Care with Laura Monaco Torelli

Marissa MartinoPaws & Reward Podcast

cooperative care

In episode 52 of the Paws & Reward Podcast, Laura Monaco Torelli and I talk about Cooperative Care, a topic Laura is fluent in and has achieved many amazing training goals with a variety of species. Laura and I formally met when I reached out to her for assistance with Sully. As he was aging, he had a hard time using … Read More

Episode 51: Building Community with Claire Goyer

Marissa MartinoPaws & Reward Podcast

building community

In episode 51 of the Paws & Reward Podcast, I am really excited to speak with Claire Goyer, a colleague I met while collaborating together on Grisha Stewart’s amazing online school. Claire and I wanted to talk about building community. Watch our conversation on my YouTube Channel. How are we defining a dog training community? And, what communities are we referring to? … Read More

Episode 50: Eat, Pray, Dogs with Sarah Stremming

Marissa MartinoPaws & Reward Podcast


In episode 50 of the Paws & Reward Podcast, Sarah Stremming and I discuss my recent solo trip to Peru. We discuss what the street dogs of Peru taught me about life, how both Sarah and I are integrating these concepts, and our invitation to pet parents and trainers. What is the gift and opportunity in allowing all behavior and emotions?  Sarah … Read More

Episode 49: Building a Strong Relationship Between Dogs with Sarah Stremming

Marissa MartinoPaws & Reward Podcast

relationship between dogs

In episode 49 of the Paws & Reward Podcast, Sarah Stremming and I will be talking about the necessary strategies used to strengthen and maintain a healthy relationship between dogs in your home. Some of the topics we discuss involve proactive management strategies to prevent inter-household aggression, ways to increase your observation skills, and skills to teach your dogs to achieve … Read More

Episode 48: Let’s have TEA and CAKE with Andrew Hale

Marissa MartinoPaws & Reward Podcast

In episode 48 of the Paws & Reward Podcast, I speak with Andrew Hale (Bsc, ISCP.Dip.Canine.Prac), the owner, principal trainer, and behaviorist at Train Positive in the UK, about emotional awareness and how that applies to dog training. As well as a Bsc (Hons), he also holds various diplomas in animal and canine behavior. He is a Certified Animal Behaviorist and … Read More

Episode 47: The Humane Hierarchy with Dr. Chris Pachel

Marissa MartinoPaws & Reward Podcast

better relationship with your dog

In episode 47 of the Paws & Reward Podcast, Dr. Chris Pachel and I talk about The Humane Hierarchy for both our dogs and their people. The Humane Hierarchy is a framework that trainers, behavior consultants, and veterinary behaviorists use when working with their clients. It’s an ethical approach, inviting professionals to develop a behavior modification plan rooted in least intrusive, … Read More

Episode 46: Pain and Behavior with Ursa Acree

Marissa MartinoPaws & Reward Podcast


In episode 46 of the Paws & Reward Podcast, I am joined by Ursa Acree as we talk about pain in dogs and how that can contribute to their behavior concerns. Many times, a dog in pain does not display obvious pain-related behaviors, such as limping or whining. So how can you support your dog in pain and know when to … Read More

Episode 45: A Tribute to Sully and a Lesson in Grief

Marissa MartinoPaws & Reward Podcast

Join Marissa Martino in this bonus episode where she talks about her experience with grief as she says goodbye to her best friend of 13.5 years, Sully. This episode is a tribute to the lessons he taught her (even at the last moment) and their special relationship. Marissa hopes all pet parents will find solace and comfort through her words. … Read More

Episode 44: The Many Hats a Dog Trainer Wears with Jenna Teti

Marissa MartinoPaws & Reward Podcast

dog trainer

In episode 44 of the Paws & Reward Podcast,  I am joined by my friend and colleague Jenna Teti of Think Smart Dog Training to discuss what our roles as dog trainers and behavior consultants entail. What does the title of “dog trainer” encompass? What’s expected of us and how can we meet those expectations? For pet parents, knowing what … Read More

Episode 43: Inter-household Aggression in the Home with Michael Shikashio

Marissa MartinoPaws & Reward Podcast

inter-dog aggression

In episode 43 of the Paws & Reward Podcast, I had Michael Shikashio on the podcast to talk about inter-dog aggression, when dogs within the same household are having arguments and/or causing injury to one another. Watch our conversation on my YouTube Channel.    What is inter-dog aggression? Two or more dogs fighting in the home. Sometimes the aggression is … Read More