Episode #25: The Punishment Fallacy with Michael Baugh

Marissa MartinoPaws & Reward Podcast

Join me for episode 25 of the Paws & Reward podcast, in which Michael Baugh of Michael’s Dogs Behavior Group and I talk about holistic approaches to behavior concerns – and why punishment for dogs is not the answer. 

Sometimes it can feel like we’re climbing an uphill battle with our dogs – whether we’re raising a puppy, managing a reactive dog or learning to live with a difficult dog. 

Our first instinct could be to use punishment for dogs in order to make a behavior stop. However, without addressing the root concern of the behavior, punishment can often make the underlying issue worse. Michael and I discuss why this happens – something he calls “The Punishment Fallacy” –  and what we can do instead.

a dog looks sadly at the ground after experiencing punishment for dogs

Moving Beyond Punishment for Dogs

If you want to learn more about behavior change for dogs and how to move beyond punishment for dogs, be sure to listen to the full episode.

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