Episode #9: Living with Difficult Dogs with Lisa Mullinax

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Living with a dog that requires a lot of training and management can be really hard on the pet parent. Most people did not bring a dog into their home to take on a training challenge. Join me as I interview Lisa Mullinax, a behavior consultant in Seattle, discuss what life is like living with challenging dogs and what to do in order to support you during the training process. 

Lisa and I are defining difficult dogs as canines that have a hard time navigating their environment emotionally. They could be displaying behaviors associated with fear, anxiety, and/or aggression when encountering other stimuli or experiences. 

During this episode, Lisa shares 3 critical topics when living with a difficult dog. When we modify behavior for dogs (and humans) we always want to think about giving the learner something to do instead of telling them what not to do. In other words, replace an undesired behavior with a desired one. So, in the spirit of that principle, here are the behaviors we encourage you to do while living with a difficult dog:

  1. We want to avoid setting unrealistic expectations and focus on small achievable goals for success.
  2. We want to avoid going down a shame spiral and instead focus on offering ourselves and our dogs forgiveness. 
  3. We want to avoid operating from comparison and celebrate the small wins along the way!

Listen to the podcast to hear how to incorporate these principles into your life and how they can make a positive impact on your relationship with your dog. 

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4paws University: https://www.4pawsuniversity.com/

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