Episode #25: The Punishment Fallacy with Michael Baugh

Marissa MartinoPaws & Reward Podcast

Join me for episode 25 of the Paws & Reward podcast, in which Michael Baugh of Michael’s Dogs Behavior Group and I talk about holistic approaches to behavior concerns – and why punishment for dogs is not the answer.  Sometimes it can feel like we’re climbing an uphill battle with our dogs – whether we’re raising a puppy, managing a … Read More

Episode #23: Getting a New Puppy with Debbie Martin

Marissa MartinoPaws & Reward Podcast

Join me as I interview Licensed Veterinary Technician Debbie Martin on her journey of getting a new puppy in this episode of the Paws & Reward Podcast.  In this episode, we discuss a variety of topics related to getting a new puppy, including: How to know when the time is right How to integrate the puppy into a household with … Read More

Episode #22: Dealing with the Puppy Blues

Marissa MartinoPaws & Reward Podcast

Join me and Kayla Fratt in this episode of the Paws & Reward podcast as we talk about the puppy blues: what it is, why it happens to many pet parents, and how to take care of everyone involved during this very important time of your dog’s life.  It’s very common for people to be so excited about getting a … Read More

Episode #20: Help! My Dog Bit Someone with Lisa Mullinax

Marissa MartinoPaws & Reward Podcast

an aggressive dog whose owner is working on An aggressive, biting dog is often an owner’s biggest nightmare. So what can you do? Get our best dog training tips for biting and aggression

I had the pleasure of bringing my dear friend Lisa Mullinax back on the Paws & Reward Podcast to share dog training tips for biting and aggression.  In the previous episode we recorded and released – Ep #9: Living with your Difficult Dog – we briefly talked about experiences we had when our dogs escalated to biting.  During this episode, … Read More

Episode #16: Expectations of our Dogs Through the Lens of Research with Erin Jones

Marissa MartinoPaws & Reward Podcast

a couple and their dog sit by a river, discussing how human behavior impacts dog behavior

Join me on this episode of the Paws & Reward podcast as I catch up with Erin Jones of Merit Dog Training in Christchurch, New Zealand and learn more about her research on the human-dog relationship. Erin is a certified professional dog trainer and behavior consultant. She is currently getting her Ph.D. at the University of Canterbury. In today’s episode, … Read More